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As of Saturday, June 20th..... We are OPEN !!!

We had a great day on Saturday, everything went off without a hitch and we didn't have to change a thing to the safety measures we've put in place! So here's what you have to do when you come in for your appointment, so everyone stays safe.

1. Come in the front door wearing your mask (we also have them available for $1) and use the hand sanitizer provided, then clean your phone with the alcohol spray if you are going to be using it while in the salon. Masks must be worn the entire time you are in the salon.

2. Come thru to the front desk, pick a pen (pick one you like because it's our gift to you!) and use it to fill out the safety form. Put the pen in your purse and use it to refer your friends to us!. (Please be honest with your answers. We don't want to take any chances with our clients that are immune compromised.) If you have made an appointment, and start feeling not well before the appointment day, please call and we will reschedule you for a later time.

3. Wait behind the rope until your stylist comes to get you, making sure to social distance with anyone else also waiting.

Please don't bring your children with you for your appointment. We ask that you make a separate appointment for them to get their hair done if you are having a service that takes longer than their haircut will take, like colours and nails. (ei. If you are both getting cuts with different stylists, and will be done about the same time, that is ok) Drivers must wait in the car or come get you when you're finished with your appointment. The waiting room is closed, except for elderly that come with family to get their hair done at the same time, or people that come with Care-a-van.

Cash, Debit and Credit are all accepted forms of payment. If you are needing retail products, please tell your stylist what you need and she will get it for you. We are doing all sugar services except facial sugar. Also, in Phase 2 we are not allowed to do any lash or brow tints, lash extensions or lash perming. This will be included in phase 3 so we just have to be patient.

I know these are alot of changes, but it actually runs pretty smooth. Its what we have to do to make you beautiful again, so please be patient with the process. It was so nice to see clients again on Saturday, even though some were hard to recognize with masks and overgrown hair! But they all left feeling like a million bucks, and that's what we love about our profession! So now it's your turn to get beautiful (guys too!) and we can't wait to see you!